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New Contents?

We've added a new way to make you buy in our World of Heroes, right here on the site, you can get Diamonds, Gems, Gold and Vip and it's helping our server to go online. We have placed a store here too so you can buy new items in it, but it is necessary to have Diamonds! for more information: https://store.worldofheroes.world/

1 week ago

New website again?

Hellow, it's me again. Here's the new website with all the features you need to be happy in our server. :D
1 month ago


The official docking pier for Pirate Ships. Land lubbers beware!

5 months ago

Frostval 2017 Event Begins

Battle to find the children of Coldwind Valley before Frostval!

Frostval is a time of music, magic, and… missing boys and girls?! The children of ColdWind Village’s human, moglin, and Yeti tribes have mysteriously disappeared. If we don’t find them soon, this holiday will be their last!

6 months ago


The frostvale is released for all players to get new items, new class and more! Enter the Game and look at the Game Menu goes Frostvale to find other players in search of new items.

6 months ago

Blood Moon War: Vampire vs Lycan

The VS Lycan Vampire Battles are coming from a long time ago, and now they will face it once and for all. Which side are you on? Lycan or Vampire?

6 months ago

October Upgrade Bonus: The CryptLord

Upgrade with a Membership for exclusive gear!

Starting right now, buy Membership package of $10 USD to unlock the exclusive Crimson CryptLord October upgrade bonus items! Get the Crimson CryptLord gear and the Dark CryptLord set

Black Friday Shop arrives 11.24.17

Starting this Friday, find all our 2017 rare Black Friday gear in Mr. V's shop in Game Menu. Featured sets: Obsidian Legion Vampire, Obsidian BladeMaster, and the Shadow Void of Nulgath. The shop opens at 11:20 AM EST on Friday, November 24th and leaves December 20th.

Come back on Monday, when we'll add several cyber-themed sets for Cyber Monday!

7 months ago

5th Chaos Lord: Wolfwing

The 5th Lord of Chaos

Darkovia Graveyard (/join darkoviagrave)

In the graveyard you can choose quests from either Vannier the Vampire or Warclaw the Werewolf. Both have the exact same quests.

  • A Grave Mission: Search the graveyard for the Mausoleum Homage.
  • Lending a Helping Hand: Get 8 Sorched Metacarpal from the Skeletal Fire Mage.
  • Bone Appetit: Collect 10 Rattlebone Mandible from Rattlebones.
  • Batting Cage: Fight Albino Bats to get 6 Caged Albino Bats..
  • His Bark is Worse than his Blight: Defeat Blightfang for Blightfang's Skull.
  • Darkovia Forest (/join darkoviaforest) Must have completed previous quest area.

    In side the gate, speak with Shadowslayer Z.

    Lil' Red: Get Red's Big Wolf Slaying Axe. To get that, go to Greenguard East (/join greenguardeast or click the button in Z's dialogue). Instead of her usual quests, she'll offer a new quest for her axe:

  • Can I axe you something?: Get Documentation from a Spider, Wolf, Slime, Frogzard, and Wereboar, all dropped by the respective monster.
  • When finished, return to Z.

  • A Dire Situation: Collect 8 Dire Pelts from the Dire Wolf.
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears: Get 3 Vial of Blood, 2 Vial of Sweat and 1 Vial of Tears from Blood Maggots.
  • What a Lich!: Get the Necrompendium dropped by the Lich of the Stone.
  • Safiria's Castle (/join safiria) Must have completed previous quest area.
  • The Vampire Queen Safiria will only talk to you after you've proven your worth from her quests.
  • Feeding Grounds: Bring back 8 Maggot Dentures from Blood Maggots.
  • Going Batty: From Albino Bats you will need 6 Bats Soothed.
  • Lycan Knights: Collect 4 Lycan Ears from Chaos Lycans.
  • Twisted Paw: Bring Safiria Twisted Paw's Head by defeating Twisted Paw.
  • 7 months ago
  • ShirouZ

    Mogloween Returns This Weekend

    October Begins with a Return to MystCroft!

    Candy, costumes, & craziness are in season this Mogloween! If you haven't joined us for this event before, Mogloween is the fall seasonal event where you Trick or BEAT your way through the spookiest, creepiest releases we've put out over the last days! Just /join mogloween and get ready for bats, brawls, and LOTS of hallow-SCREAMS!

    Welcome to MystCroft! It is a dark and stormy night, fog creeps through the trees and into the houses of Battleon. When you step outside, a beacon pulses in the darkness. As you walk towards it, ghostly moans grow louder. When you enter a clearing you KNOW wasn't there before, you see a portal that takes you to... MystCroft, realm of spookily-delicious Mogloween adventures!

    Find the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble, when you /join mogloween and help them play their tricks to save Mogloween... and all the delicious treats that come with it! You'll also have a chance to unlock some of our most awesomely spooky (and most popular gear) of the year!

    1st Birthday / Mogloween Combo event rares! Celebrate with WorldofHeroes 1st Birthday with event rare gear. The Vampire Masqueradeand Royal Vampire Renegade sets are only available for a limited time!

  • Vampire Masquerade Armor set
  • Royal Vampire Renegade Armor et
  • Vampire Dragon Bank Pet
  • Vampire Shifter Armor (gender-swapped version of the Vampire Lord Class art)
  • 8 months ago

    BakeShop of Horrors!

    Mogloween 2017 is here! With PIE!

    Fear, loathing, and sugar craving, all in MystCroft this year! Cysero has baked a devilishly delicious dessert, but it needs one more ingredient! He needs YOU to help him find it and keep all the villagers and monsters from eating it before it's ready! (Don't forget! You'll need to play through all the previous years of Mogloween events!)

    Note: Make sure your sound is ON! You'll miss the best, creepiest part of the event if sound if off.

    It's nightmare fuel. Becuase food is fuel, ya'know?

    But something about this pie is just not right. And when Baron Luca, MystCroft's resident Vampire Lord, finds out about the pie... there is going to be trouble! What's he got against delicious, peachy pastries? Why do they make him go berserk? You'll need to find out! (And you will. Just wait for the boss fight and his transforming blood-rage!)

    Baron Luca is hungry. And so is his servant!

    The madness, the horror, and the sweet, sweet fear in this Mogloween's release reminds us of The Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors Halloween Specials. So we felt it was appropriate to call this release: "Bakeshop of Horrors!" After all, when Cysero bakes, who knows WHAT will come out of the oven?!

    8 months ago